This wine drunk young is fresh and fruity, whilst if aged for any length of time (the best vintage can keep for hundred years) it will develop the lusciousness, the breeding and the roundness of which only Sauternes can boast.

If your have bought some bottles of fine Sauternes for your cellar, please treat them with great care: lay the bottles on their sides in a cool place and keep the temperature constant.

Sauternes should be served chilled but not ice. Contrary to widespread tradition, this wine is not solely a dessert wine. If served to guests before a meal, as an aperitif, it will stimulate their palate; but by all means serve it right through a lunche or a dinner, except with very spicy or very sweet dishes.

Nowadays, the great gastronomes of France are recommending people to drink Sauternes with Foie Gras and with Roquefort, 2 delicacies ideal for sampling with these wines.

APERITF: snacks and canapés, sweet rolls with foie gras, walnuts cheese, dried fruits, chicory leaves with Roquefort or blue Auvergne cheese.

FIRST COURSES: puff pastry with Roquefort or foie gras, fresh salmon tartare, foie gras, asparagus (mousseline sauce), melon with Sauternes, scallops in Sauternes, Chinese or Japanese cuisine (spring rolls, prawn fritters, Paking duck).

FISH: Sauternes goes well with sauces (white, white butter, mousseline), turbot, sea bass, pike, salmon steak with buttered leeks, cod with ratatouille, monk fish or lamprey, sole and morel mushrooms with Sauternes based with sauce.

WHITE MEATS: Tenderloin, veal or pork with pineapple or peaches, grilled citronella ceal kidneys, veal chops with asparagus tips, pan-fried or roasted veal liver with grape sauce, leg of venison marinated in Sauternes.

FREE-RANGE POULTRY: grilled or roasted chiken, pheasant, guinea fowl, quails with grapes in Sauternes juices, duck with peaches, rabbit with mushrooms in Sauternes, capon, goose, turkey, squab.

CHEESE: Roquefort, veined or walnut cheese, ewe cheese, warm goat’s cheese on a bed of salad with onion preserve, accompanied with Sauternes.

DESSERTS: fruits tart (apple, lemon, red fruits), tarte tatin, peach charlotte, dark chocolate cake, fruit salad, strawberries.